A Note to the Reader

Hello, Friends!

My name is Brittany and welcome to Style Jelly. I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself and to explain a little bit about why I am here, and what I mean by the sweeter side of fashion.

I have always had an interest in fashion and I have always been in awe of those who use it as a means to express and elevate themselves, and to communicate a message. In many ways ones personal style choices can communicate a message more effectively than words.

In many ways ones personal style choices can communicate a message more effectively than words.

Style Jelly

However, it wasn’t until I discovered thrifting nearly a decade ago that I felt like I was able to express myself through fashion because I could actually afford it at the time. It wasn’t long after that that my motive to thrift wasn’t just to save money, but to help lessen the hold that fast fashion had on me and everyone around me. I started to think about how I could represent myself as someone who does more for less with a little creativity, and that ultimately led me to where I am now.

I am employed full-time as a Senior Buyer and Manager-in-Training at Crossroads Trading Co. and I love it! Crossroads is a BUY SELL TRADE retail company whose aim is to provide it’s customers with fun and affordable fashion. The best part about it is that it’s all recycled clothing! Needless to say, the company culture is very much aligned with my own and I can’t lie, the perks are great! *shrugs* Working at Crossroads has played a monumental role in my growth, both personally and professionally, and I wouldn’t be here now if it weren’t for the support of my amazing team.

Style Jelly is just a hobby at the moment, but it isn’t any less important to me. It is the result of the many years I have spent discovering myself and how I want to share my experience and love of secondhand with others. My goal here is to encourage others to live consciously and creatively, so here you will find things like – tips on how to style your thrifted finds, reviews and features of eco-friendly products and designers, thrifting tips, personal shopping trips, and much much more!

I am proud to share with you the magic in my life, the spark in my day, and the reason I get up in the morning aside from coffee.

Thank you for reading and I hope to see you soon!

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