Snake Print in Spring

When I think of Spring I imagine it as a second New Years, except that the intentions have already been set and it’s finally time to turn those words into action, for real now. I was a total bum all winter long and that lack of motivation really hindered my mental and creative spirit, but Spring brings a fresh energy that I am hoping will motivate me to replace my bad habits with healthier ones. That means making time for myself and pushing past my comfort zone to grow, create, and cultivate happiness.

In the world of fashion, the one thing that I have been excited to try that I normally wouldn’t consider is animal print. I never just naturally gravitate towards it which is why I feel like it is time for me to embrace all the prints, and there is no better representation of growth and transformation than a good old-fashioned snake print. If you don’t already know, snakes symbolize life changes and healing and I am starting to think that it might just be my new favorite trend this season.

Top: No label
Vest: Acne Studios
Jeans: Levis
Boots: Treasure & Bond
Bag: Judith Ripka

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