Dream Boots

It all started when I got the urge to find the perfect black boot. By perfect I mean tight ankle, two-inch heel, and a square toe. Not so much basic as she is CLASSIC. The only problem is that the 90’s are having a very big moment in fashion right now and every girl has her sights set on the same thing. I was sure of two things at this point, the chances of someone selling a pair in my size at my place of work could take awhile and I could pay retail but I really really didn’t want to.

And so the online search began. I started with resell sites like Poshmark and Etsy, and there were a ton of great options, but none that were quite what I was looking for. So then I began to consider a brand new pair from Vagabond Shoemakers that fit the bill. I was about to purchase them but then I thought, “why don’t I check out two thrift stores nearby tomorrow and if I don’t find what I’m looking for then I can justify spending the money.”

As luck would have it, I found the boots of my dreams at the very first shop. A pair of vintage Cole Haan boots in black with a tight ankle, a two inch heel, and a square toe. I actually squealed a little when I found them and the best part of all is that they were only $16! I just couldn’t believe it.

Thank you, thrift gods!! -_(*.*)_-

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