Trend Talk: Leather

I have always appreciated a good leather pant and nothing makes me happier than thrifting the perfect vintage pair. Over time I’ve acquired a few good pieces, which you’ll see sprinkled throughout this gallery, but there are always more to be found. Which is exciting because that just means that the thrill of the hunt continues!

I would love to style up a head-to-toe leather look because I think it can look so chic, so i’m looking for lighter weight jackets or leather shirting that can be easily tucked in or worn buttoned all the way up. Of course, I will be keeping an eye out for more leather pants and maybe (if i’m lucky) a leather jumpsuit. Color-blocking is also a really fun way to elevate a look, so colored leathers in pastels and shades of brown are also on my radar for spring.

Since we can’t physically go thrifting, I will be doing most of my shopping online and would love it if you could send me any vintage/secondhand resellers that you’re really loving right now. Leave them in the reply section below and I’ll be sure to check them out!

Take care!

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