My ‘Always Play Dress Up’ Story

I have loved playing dress up ever since I was a child. And I was that girl who played with barbies well into the 7th grade, but I’m not ashamed of that because the world that I made up was way more fun than the reality I knew was inevitable.

When it finally came time to “grow up,” I left Barbie behind and I believe that’s when I lost myself. I know it sounds soo cheesy but it’s the truth. I forgot how important having an imagination was and for many many years I just floated through life with no sense of belonging or drive to find my way. Something was definitely missing, but I never dove in deep enough to find it.

It wasn’t until my senior year of high-school when a friend of mine turned me on to the world of thrifting and from that moment on that’s all I cared about. Going to the thrift store became my therapy, a place where I could dream again. Writing about it now makes me emotional. I knew I loved fashion, I just didn’t realize how essential it was to finding my inner child and re-connecting with her.

Fast forward to a few years ago, when I was hired as a Buyer at Crossroads and where I eventually met Beth (@bjonesstyle), to NOW being a part of a community of thrifters who feel the same way about fashion as I do. I’ve met people in my 3.5 years of working in fashion that I know I’ll be friends with forever.

And as Beth would say – It’s just “MAGICAL!” and she’s right.

I am now creeping up on my 30th birthday this April and I have never felt so young and full of adventure, and it’s due largely in part because of Beth who inspires me every day to tap into my inner child and just play!

That being said, I will be participating in the #alwaysplaydressuptogether movement happening over on instagram today, in honor of Beth and the amazing community that she’s created for all of us. I will also be requesting to chat with her on Instagram Live at 1pm PST which is going to be so much fun, so don’t forget to tune in!

See ya there!

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