Trend Talk: Knitwear

Hello friends, and welcome to another week of Trend Talk. For those of you who are new here, Trend Talk is a weekly series that I share every Wednesday here on my blog. It is an opportunity for me to share in-depth inspiration on all of my favorite trends of the current season, and this week’s trend is knitwear.

Los Angeles has been experiencing much cooler weather than what’s “normal” this time of year, and when you couple that with “shelter in place” all I want to do is cozy up and read a book (actually, that’s all we can do…), but I still want to feel good.

Here are some of my favorite knitwear trends that are comfortable enough to hang around the house in, yet stylish enough for a trip to the grocery store.

Let’s go.

1. Cardigans

I wore cardigans a lot in high-school (circa 2006) and for a long time I just associated them with an awkward, less stylish version of myself. But after seeing all of the inspiring ways designers have incorporated them into their spring collections, I think I might be ready to give them another shot.

I love the idea of taking more of a masculine approach to styling with a slouchier version that’s French-tucked into a pair of trousers like Margaret Howell’s creamy ensemble (pictured below). I’m kind of obsessed with this look actually.

Here’s how you’re styling it:

2. Sorbet

If Sorbet and Pastel were siblings, Sorbet would be Pastel’s vibrant younger sister. And I think that this punchy color palette is just what we need in a time like this to lift our spirits. In fact, as I write this I’m inspired to pull out everything I have in this color scheme and style up a weeks worth of looks for you all. Who’s with me?

Here’s how you’re styling it:

3. Sweater Vests

Who doesn’t love a good sweater vest? Although they are not a huge trend this spring, I am personally loving the idea of thrifting and styling them all! From argyle to fair isle, all the isles! I just think they are so fun to layer with.

I also love the idea of pairing one with an exaggerated collar the way that Mariana styled her argyle vest (bottom right).

Here’s how you’re styling it:

Thank you so much for taking the time to look over my blog. I hope you guys are enjoying what you’re seeing here so far. As always, feel free to reach out to me through comments, email, or Instagram DM’s with any questions, feedback, or suggestions you might have. Your input is super important to me and crucial to the success of this blog!

Take care.

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