Five Romantic Looks Inspired by the Runway

One of the best memories I have as a child are when my older sister and I would get dolled up in old dresses from her school dances. We would play ‘old-fashioned’ in the backyard, pretending that we were poor and competing for the love of a prince. This likely came from watching films like Gone With the Wind and Little Women but, though I’ll admit I’m a hopeless romantic, I would never fight over a guy.

This season, there is yet another a shift in the way we dress ourselves. And it’s not because we’re all wearing sweatpants right now. That fact aside, we’re embracing the strength in our femininity and that’s being reflected in pieces that are voluminous yet wearable in the day-to-day, and in intricate details from ruffles and pleats, to asymmetry and exaggerated collars.

It’s clear that we’re making a point with with what we’re wearing (pun intended), but what is that exactly? That is for the individual to decide. So, as I was trying to figure out what my own perspective is, I styled up five modern-romantic looks inspired by the spring runway.

I hope these looks will get your brain buzzing about what you want your style to say about you now or when this is all over, and about all of the spring looks that you can create with what you already have in your closet. #readytorewear

Thank you and take care.

Simone Rocha

Molly Goddard

Jonathan Simkhai

Alexander McQueen


How you’re styling ‘Romantic’ this spring:


Vintage drape and drama


Pink organza and sleek leather


Tiered maxis and square necklines


Meadows of polka dots and florals

If this series inspired you to style up a romantic spring look, tag @style.jelly on instagram or use the hashtag #readytorewear so that I can share it too!

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