Four 90s-approved Looks to Inspire the Cool Girl in All of Us

I was born April 25th 1990, but it’s by total accident that I’m styling the 90s this week. The universe just has a funny way of communicating with you, which also explains why I’ve happened to look at my phone at exactly at 4:44 or 5:55 everyday for the past three days. Which reminds me, I need to look into that…

Anyway, for the entire month of April I’ve styled a different spring trend each week and I can’t believe we’re already reaching the end of the month. It’s crazy to me how quickly time has passed. I started this as a project to keep me busy and to post to my blog more regularly and it’s done me well… We still have one week left and it will be the last trend of the series. I decided that I’m going to give it a rest for awhile so that I can focus on styling for me, and not just for trends sake.

It’s been fun. I learned a lot about myself and some technical things along the way, and I made a lot of friends in the online community by posting more consistently. And I’m still going to be creating content out of new ideas, so that’s that.

Before I wrap up the series though, I thought some of you might want to know a little about the process behind how I choose a trend and how I go about developing a look with items I already have in my closet.

Before I head down the rabbit hole of the world wide web, Pinterest, and Vogue Archives, which are all a part of the process. First you need to decide what season you’re styling for, I’m styling specifically for Spring 2020. Once you determine that you want to choose a trend. An amazing resource for sourcing trend info is Tag Walk. It’s similar to Vogue Runway, which is also an amazing resource, but you can search Tag Walk’s database with keywords and this helps narrow your search to show only the trend that you’re looking for. Pretty cool, right? I chose the 90s because it’s the ‘cool girl’ decade and I knew it would be easy to find pieces that I already own that would work for this exercise.

In my review of how designers are interpreting this trend, minimalism was the name of the game, clean lines and neutral color palettes with pops of bright color – mostly fluorescent. Exposed midriffs and plunging necklines were also very popular, as well as oversized blazers with rounded shoulders in contrast to the power shoulders in past seasons – which i’m still not over.

In fact, there were so many amazing suits on the runway this spring that I decided that it’s going to be next week’s trend. Spoiler alert!

Once I have the trend and some inspiration from current day, I take it all the way back to when it all began, and nothing is as good as the og.

When I think of 90’s style I think of grunge, Drew Barrymore, straight-leg denim, bustiers, blazers, super models in little black dresses, and Julia Roberts’ lustrous mane. What do the 90s bring about to you?

Once I have a good mix of the past and the present, I create a mood board and begin putting all of the looks together, which is the best part. I start the process a week in advance so that styling is fun and the flow of creativity isn’t forced. We’ve all had to get a little more creative these days since we can only use what’s on hand, so the extra time helps.

Don’t be discouraged if the first few looks you put together don’t fit the bill. Editing is a part of the process. The first day of styling for me was a bust, but on day two I threw on a 90s playlist as I got ready and it made a world of difference.

You can listen to the playlist on itunes, here.

The last and final step is to pick a corner in your house, set up a tripod and play. This is my second favorite part of the process, because I get to see my creations come to life and I love a good Madonna – Vogue moment.

Please let me know if you enjoyed the read, if you liked the looks, or if you have any questions at all. I’d love to read your thoughts and chat with you about it. Comment below or reach out to me via email at

Until next time, stay safe and be well ❤

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