Where to Buy Autumn’s Best Accessory

The exaggerated collar has easily become a favorite among trends this season, and it was the collection by SEA New York that really fanned the flames of my obsession. The delicacy and drama of the soft cotton fabric, decorated in eyelets and ruffles, provides a sense of romance in a time that feels a bit dreary. It is the type of accessory that when paired with any combination of things can make an outfit feel truly magical. 

And in hopes of spreading a little of that magic around, here’s a list of the best collars I could find on the internet today.

Sea NY

Sea’s collection of collars and dickeys range anywhere from $80 to $150. Their subtle yet sophisticated approach to design make their pieces timeless, therefore worth the investment. Founded in 2007, the brand has managed to remain quite humble and authentic to their vision of creating clothes that are “effortless and optimistic, romantic and boyish.”

Images sourced from Sea New York
Shop Sea New York online and follow them on Instagram @seanewyork

Selina Sanders

Selina Sanders is known for her incredible blouses, made-to-order using sustainably sourced textiles, including vintage tea towels. Her pieces are in high-demand and sell out within hours, they are so good! She recently mentioned that she will be listing collars for sale just in time for the holidays! (Eeek!) Fingers crossed I can snag one before they sell out. For announcements on all things made with love, I recommend signing up for the newsletter via Selina’s website.

Images sourced from @selina_sanders
Shop Selina Sanders online and follow them on Instagram @selina_sanders

If you know any small businesses that sell detachable collars that should be included in this list, leave a comment with their information and I will be sure to check them out.

Thanks for stopping by!

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